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In our dynamic health care environment today, we, at John Buckley Advisors believe health care subscribers deserve access to the best plans available on the market. To this end we strive.

Curiously, though, many do not receive the adequate or necessary care that they require. In other cases, ironically, many believe that their current health care plan is the best and only plan available to them. It is unfortunate that these misconceptions still persist in our health care environment today.

In over 15 years, we're proud to have delivered the right plans suited for our clients in many different geographical areas, and proud to have made health care a better experience overall. Changes in provider and carrier networks along with changes in employee turnover, for example, can present challenges and make life difficult for everybody involved. We believe that healthcare decisions should be straight forward and uncomplicated.

It is important that the population at large has answers to the numerous health care questions and dilemmas that arise and that answers are just a phone call or email away. There is no justification for clients to be lost in a maze of confusion when it comes to health care treatment, benefits, or care.

Furthermore, a growing segment of the population of internet users have become aware of the potential dangers involved in unnecessary treatment. Many have discovered new opportunities in alternative, less costly, and more effective treatment. We believe it is important for brokers, providers and insurers to do what is right for the public.

We give our clients peace of mind. Our clients thank us with long term commitments and relationships.