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    Client Letters

    "Our premiums decreased, and our coverage increased. I didn't believe it was possible"

    "Thank you, John, for personally following through when contacted and treating all of our employees in a responsive, caring and professional manner. We are happy to have found you."

    "You also go the extra mile and help me with any problems I am having with the carriers."

    "My employees are thrilled to be going home with larger paychecks, yet with great health coverage. It's been a win/win situation!"

    "With the introduction of federal healthcare reform self-funding has quickly become a viable options for many groups. John's ability to foresee a need in this market has placed him in the forefront of his benefit advisors"

    Volunteering Letters

    "He got a donation of 20 computers, monitors and HP Laser printers for our school where we teach English classes to poor children from our community every week."

    "John was also involved in helping Gustavo in creating strategies for a Non-profit organization in Mexico for Diabetes, he helped collect money for the red cross and was very hands on."